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We assist foreign nationals in relocating to the United States through proper immigration channels.

It is your plan. Our role is only to help you create the immigration strategy to realize it.
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We Are Here To Help You

For more than ten years, we have helped investors from around the world legally come to the United States. Clients come to us with ideas on what they want to do and how they want to invest. We listen to their goals and ideas and develop an immigration plan and corporate structure that not only tailors to their needs but also gives them flexibility with their investments. Once we have developed a plan, we work with our clients to find businesses to invest in, which meet their criteria and immigration regulations, develop a business plan for immigration purposes, which can also provide a road map on how to run the business, and provide guidance on how to help the company reach its full potential for immigration purposes. 

While doing this, we never lose sight of the client’s immigration goals, be it to come to the US temporarily or to obtain permanent residency. It is your plan. Our role is only to help you create the immigration strategy to realize it. For more information, please contact us at or at (305) 433 – 7677.

meet the team

charles c. tyrrell

Mr. Tyrrell is a partner and founder of the firm. He was born and raised in Louisville, KY. Mr. Tyrrell graduated with an engineering and math degree from Vanderbilt University, and then spent about a year in New York City working with a major law firm on an antitrust case. He then attended the University of Miami in Florida, where he obtained his law degree.


Leonardo S. Nina is an Ecuadorian lawyer with a Master Degree in Occupational Health and Safety. He has been certified in International Trade Negotiations from Florida International University and has close to twenty-five years of experience in International Relations, Human Rights, and Occupational Health. In 2003, Mr. Nina served as the Ecuadorian Consul to Miami, focusing on the protection of human rights.

david arzumanian

Mr. Arzumanian was born in Russia, but came from Armenian descent. When he was a teenager, his family immigrated to the United States, first settling in California. When he was eighteen years old, Mr. Arzumanian began his career as an entrepreneur. Living in Colorado, Mr. Arzumanian owned several medical treatment and diagnostic facilities. He then saw an opportunity to help ski resorts and other companies nationwide in process of legally hiring seasonal workers from overseas. Over the years, David’s program allowed close to 1,000 seasonal workers to work legally for US employers.

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