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Business Based Immigration

There are two types of business based immigration matters – temporary work visas and residency visas. The temporary work visas typically are provided for one to five years, with many of them having the option of extending them for additional years. The residency visas can provide a permanent green card, but do not typically allow you to legally enter the US and work in the US until after the process is completed. This can take some time, and it might be in your best interest to seek a temporary visa prior to or while seeking your residency application. We can help you develop a strategy that best allows you to achieve your goals for coming, living and working in the US.

Temporary Work Visas

US immigration provides a variety of ways for foreign nationals to enter the US to legally work and remain in the US. There are temporary visas from letter A to V, with many of them having various subcategories. All of them have set restrictions and allow you to seek entry to or remain in the US. Not all visa categories allow you to work, such as the B1/B2 or tourist visa. If you wish to legally work in the United States, you will probably need one of the following types of visas: E visa, H visa, L visa, O visa, or P visa.

Green Card Business Immigration

As with the temporary business-based immigration matters, the green card business immigration has several different categories, which includes the EB5 program. Some of these categories require you to have an employer sponsor you; while, some allow you to petition on your own behalf. The following is a brief description of the various employment based green card petitions.