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The P1 visa is a temporary work visa for athletes and artists.

Nope. P visas are available for service personnel who meet certain requirements necessary to support the main athlete or artist. P visas are also available to coaches.

You must have international recognition or be an important member of a group of two or more people that is internationally recognized. You can be an amateur athlete or a professional athlete if it is recognized that your skill level is substantially higher than that of those commonly found in your field.

Yes. You’ll need a sponsor, which could be a U.S. employer, a foreign employer, or an agent. Over the past decade plus, we have worked with many athletes and artists to obtain visas on their behalf. Contact us for a free consultation.

You must provide evidence that you will be working in your field when you arrive in the U.S., as well as receive a no-objection advice letter from the relevant union.


Athletes must also provide a copy of their contract with an American or international sports team, as well as proof of previous participation in other sporting events, your ranking in the field, or awards or awards in your sport. Other documentation may be required.


Artists must provide evidence that they are members of a group in which at least 75% of the band has performed together for at least one year, as well as reviews of past performances, evidence of critical or commercial success, feedback on the band’s significant recognition in the field, or evidence of the ability to command a high salary.


Additional evidence may be required.


Over the past decade plus, we have worked with many athletes and artists to apply for and obtain appropriate work visas for legal work in the U.S. in their field. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

The P visa is issued for five years for athletes and for one year for teams or entertainment groups.

Yes, athletes can get an additional five-year extension. If you are looking for a second extension, there are additional requirements that we can fulfill together with you. Sports teams and entertainment groups may request a one-year extension.

Yes. Your spouse and any children under the age of 21 can obtain a category P visa.

 No, neither your spouse nor your children will be able to work in the status of a dependent.

 Yes, your spouse and your children under the age of 21 will be able to go to school as a dependent.