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We have seen people try to do immigration on their own only to have the situation blow up in their face. We once had a call with someone who reached out because their PERM application was denied for the second time. The person wanted to file a third request, and after getting more information from the client, I learned that even if he had a successful PERM request, he would have never obtained permanent residency through this process because the company was owned by one of his immediate family members. This client spent time and energy trying to do something that any competent immigration attorney would have been able to tell him would have been denied regardless of what had been done.

Each case is different. Each case has its own peculiarities. Only competent immigration attorneys can properly handle your file. Don’t try to do this on your own. Don’t rely upon your cousin’s advice on how to do it and don’t listen to neighbors or friends on immigration, because they will never tell you the whole story. Use a firm that will review your file the way an officer will. This gives you the best chance of success and this is how we work.

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