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It is a word that means a lot to various different people.  For some, family includes only parents, siblings and children.  For others, it includes cousins, second cousins, aunts, and uncles; and for others, it includes friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  Regardless of how you define family, we understand that your definition is important to you.

Family matters

Family is one of the most important things that we all possess. Family is there to lift you up during times of stress and trouble. Family provides a shoulder to cry upon when you are sad. Family makes the happy moments, like weddings or a birth of a child, more blessed and exciting. Your family always has your back and always wants what is best for you, which is why it is so important for families to remain together.


Our founder, Charles Christopher Tyrrell, has had the unfortunate situation of being separated from his family. His children have been living in a foreign country for the past couple of years against his consent and his wishes. This situation has been tough on Mr. Tyrrell and through this time, he learned to rely upon his extended family. Mr. Tyrrell knows the pain of being separated from family and will do his best to help you stay reunited with your family.


We understand that during stressful times, you want your family together, which is why we are focused on helping you be reunited with your family as quickly as possible. When you are seeking to come to the United States, you need to know all the options for you and your family. If you have gotten into some trouble in the United States, you need to know how this impacts your immigration status and that of your family’s. If you are planning on marrying a foreign national or becoming a US citizen, you need to know how this can affect your extended family and future family.


We value not only our families, but yours as well. We want to hear the desires you have for your family and why you want a better life in the US. Your skills and experience can provide you with a variety of different options to work in the US, which all impacts how your family will be treated in the US. We will listen to you and provide you with your options, so that you can make the choice that is best for you and your family.


If you or your family has had an unfortunate situation with the law or have been picked up by an immigration official, we will be here to listen to your particular circumstances and give you trusted advice on what can be done so that your family is reunited in the US. We analyze your particular situation and provide you with the strengths and weaknesses of your case, helping you realize what to expect in the next several months.


If there is a change to your situation, or your family is growing, through marriage, you may have options to help other members of your family. We will review your plans and provide you with the various options you have for your loved ones and will provide you with a timeline of what to expect through the process.


Family is important. We will do our best to always treat you like family. We are here to help you and promise that we will do all we can to help you achieve your immigration goals in the US, and to keep your family close to you through the process. We will be happy to speak with to discuss your particular situation and your plans for the future. Please feel to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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