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On April 24, 2021, President Biden did something that no American president had done before.  He officially declared that the mass killing of Armenians more than a century ago was a genocide.  In 1915, the Ottoman Empire killed more than 1.5 million Armenian people.  Unfortunately, this fact has not formally been recognized as genocide in the US until President Biden’s statement.

What President Biden did takes courage.  By recognizing the atrocities of this act, President Biden stepped out against a strong US ally in Turkey, a strategic ally in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  This also shows his commitment to one of President Biden’s foreign policy initiatives, which is human rights.

Another one of President Biden’s priorities has been immigration.  Taking this courageous act on foreign policy suggests that the President is also willing to take courageous acts with his immigration policy.  This is good news as the US has always been recognized as a world leader in immigration.  The US has been known as the melting pot for its willingness to allow foreigners to come to the US and develop a new life.  We pray that legal immigration that helps foreigners legally enter and work in the US becomes a true priority for this administration, and that immigration agencies allow foreigners to use the current law to legally immigrate to the US, something that has been thwarted by past administrations.

Even with attacks on immigration by several past administrations, we have helped hundreds of clients legally come to live and work in the US.  If you are interested in coming to the US, please reach out to us at or via phone or WhatsApp at (754) 610 – 7266 to schedule a consultation.