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Business Associate of Tyrrell Law, PSC

Nancy Liz Gentile

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Overview And Experience

Nancy Liz Gentile is Tyrrell Law firm’s business associate, helping clients navigating the immigration process.  Ms. Gentile immigrated to the United States in the 1990s, where she initiated her career as an entrepreneur. She has built various businesses, such as catering services, salon and spa services, home inspection service but her main focus has been solidly on real state where she has managed and overseeing her own and other investors project. 


Through her real estate businesses, Ms. Gentile learned to partner with investors, working hard to develop her own businesses, while meeting her investors’ needs. Understanding the needs of investors, Ms. Gentile has joined Tyrrell Laws, PSC to help clients determine if investing in the US is their best option.  You may reach Ms. Gentile at or at (954) 278-4583.

Phone Number:

(954) 278-4583


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