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Leonardo S. Nina

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Overview And Experience

Leonardo S. Nina is an Ecuadorian lawyer with a Master Degree in Occupational Health and Safety. He has been certified in International Trade Negotiations from Florida International University and has close to twenty-five years of experience in International Relations, Human Rights, and Occupational Health. In 2003, Mr. Nina served as the Ecuadorian Consul to Miami, focusing on the protection of human rights.


Mr. Nina has many years of experience practicing international law. He also has undergone several US based immigration processes, which includes seeking and obtaining an investor visa and seeking permanent residency in the US. Wanting to help others navigate the complex area of immigration law, Mr. Nina decided to join Tyrrell Law as one of its business associates. He knows the value of working with great attorneys who care about their clients. Should you wish to discuss your immigration plan with Mr. Nina, please contact him at, or via WhatsApp at (407) 820-0873

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(407) 820-0873


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